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Sexual violence against men and boys has been documented by the UN and national bodies in the following conflict situations.

This list also includes information on sexual violence against boys and men in countries where it is reported to have contributed significantly to human rights violations in the context of widespread political and ethnic violence (Kenya), as a means to intimidate perceived opponents of the government (Argentina, Chile and South Africa) or to pursue government policies (Cambodia).

Our Reports

  • Legacies and Lessons: Sexual violence against men and boys in Sri Lanka and Bosnia & Herzegovina

    This report is the first in the planned series of reports to be published by the All Survivors Project on sexual violence against men and boys in different situations of armed conflict. Eight years on from the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka, and more than two decades since fighting in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) ended, conflict-related sexual violence against men and boys remains one of the least documented and most inadequately addressed of all the human rights abuses that took place during these wars.


Our project

All Survivors Project provides research to improve the global response to every survivor of sexual and gender-based violence in situations of conflict and displacement. We document cases of abuse against men and boys to supplement work on girls and women to support a global response that includes all victims of violence. We are an independent, international research project working with individuals and organizations to strengthen communities by upholding the dignity of each individual.

The global response to sexual violence in situations of conflict and displacement has until now focused on the plight of women and girls. Men and boys are also affected and, in some cases, directly targeted in sexual violence. So far, an inclusive response on the issue of sexual violence in situations of conflict and displacement is lacking. Current research efforts on this issue are sparse, and few programs offer services directly addressing the needs of male survivors.

A culture of silence prevails preventing male survivors from coming forward, and impunity for sexual violence against men and boys continues to be widespread. When acknowledged male sexual violence is typically framed as a form of torture or ill-treatment rather than sexual violence.

This is a pioneering fact-finding effort into sexual and gender based violence against men and boys across situations of armed conflict and displacement.