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Checklist on preventing and addressing conflict-related sexual violence against men and boys

Men and boys can be vulnerable to opportunistic attacks as well as to targeted sexual violence aimed at punishing, humiliating, terrorising and repressing victims/ survivors and their communities. Ongoing efforts to protect women and girls from conflict-related sexual violence show that there are no quick fixes. Rather, prevention requires multi-faceted approaches that address both proximate and root causes and concerted and co-ordinated efforts by many diverse state and non-state actors. However, national authorities have particular responsibilities to respect and promote the human rights of all individuals within their territory and/or jurisdiction.

All Survivors Project (ASP) has developed this checklist on preventing and addressing sexual violence against men and boys to assist governments and those involved in supporting them (amongst others, national human rights institutions; UN peacekeeping and other eld operations; UN agencies, of ces, experts, treaty bodies and special procedures; and international and national non-governmental organisations) to support national efforts to prevent and respond to conflict-related sexual violence against males. This checklist is intended to complement ongoing vital and urgently needed efforts to better protect women and girls against conflict-related sexual violence, from which attention to others at risk should not distract or detract. Rather, its aim is to support efforts to ensure that everyone is protected against conflict-related sexual violence and that all victims/survivors have access to justice including reparations, as well as to quality, survivor-centred medical, mental health and psychosocial support and other responses without discrimination.

Read in Arabic, English,French or Spanish.

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