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Report and outcome statement from the International workshop on “building knowledge to improve existing service responses for all survivors”, 10 December 2018

On Human Rights Day, All Survivors Project (ASP) is proud to present a report and outcome statement from a two-day workshop co-organised by ASP and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) which took place in London on 11-12 October 2018 to mark the beginning of a consultative process to build knowledge in responding to conflict-related sexual violence against men and boys. It marked the first ever facilitated dialogue between practitioners in the three focus countries, augmented by the experience and expertise from different institutions, including representatives of UN gender, child protection and refugee agencies, INGOs and academia.

The joint workshop represented a first step in the development of a research framework which will result in improving medical and mental health responses for all survivors of sexual violence in situations of conflict and displacement. It brought together 22 international humanitarian, human rights and criminal justice practitioners, policy experts, academics and donors, as well as gender, health, protection and child protection experts working in Afghanistan, Central African Republic (CAR) and Turkey.

The workshop is part of ASP’s broader efforts to support multi-disciplinary and cross-country dialogue and research on sexual violence against men and boys to inform policy and technical efforts.

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