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Richard Sollom

Richard Sollom is Senior Results-Based Management Officer with the UN Refugee Agency where he provides strategic guidance to field operations to improve the protection of forcibly displaced populations. He is also Senior Fellow and Visiting Scientist at Harvard’s FXB Center for Health and Human Rights. Sollom has more than 20 years of experience working with both inter- and non-governmental organizations in the human rights and humanitarian fields. Prior to UNHCR, Sollom was Consultant with the Investigations Division, Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, and served with the UN as Human Rights Officer (Somalia), Protection Officer (Burundi), and Human Rights Observer (Haiti). He has conducted human rights investigations in 25 countries and has interviewed more than 1,000 victims of human rights abuse and survivors of torture. His academic interest centers on the application of field epidemiology to quantify international crimes and human rights violations. Sollom is a graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and Harvard University.