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Mission statement

All Survivors Project provides research to improve the global response to every survivor of sexual and gender-based violence in situations of conflict and displacement. We document cases of abuse against men and boys to supplement work on girls and women to support a global response that includes all victims of violence. We are an independent, international research project working with individuals and organizations to strengthen communities by upholding the dignity of each individual.

The Issue

The global response to sexual violence in situations of conflict and displacement has until now focused on the plight of women and girls. Men and boys are also affected and, in some cases, directly targeted in sexual violence. So far, an inclusive response on the issue of sexual violence in situations of conflict and displacement is lacking. Current research efforts on this issue are sparse, and few programs offer services directly addressing the needs of male survivors.

A culture of silence prevails preventing male survivors from coming forward, and impunity for male sexual violence continues to be widespread. When acknowledged male sexual violence is typically framed as a form of torture or ill-treatment rather than sexual violence.

This is a pioneering fact-finding effort into sexual and gender based violence against men and boys across situations of armed conflict and displacement.

Core values

Committed to upholding human rights

Our work is guided by international human rights and humanitarian laws and norms, and by the best interests, dignity and safety of survivors of sexual and gender based violence.


We aim to empower survivors to work directly with service providers and policymakers


We are committed to being transparent while respecting the privacy of survivors.

Accountable and accurate

We wish to be accountable for using ethical approaches in our fact finding and for maintaining the highest standards of factual accuracy.


We are impartial and independent of any partisan or religious affiliation and neutral in situations of armed conflict.